Staff Information


The PHSG Academic Staff are committed to academic excellence and have the education of the girls as their first priority. Our teachers are prepared to go beyond the call of duty to offer guidance and support as necessary, sensitive to the pastoral role they play in the lives of so many young girls.

Alongside the Academic Staff are the ever important Administrative Staff who ensure that admissions, financial matters and so much more is carefully monitored and managed. The Estate Manager and his team work tirelessly to provide clean facilities in a good state of repair and friendly environment within which all may teach and learn.

Together these teams strive to achieve educational excellence through common goals!


Mrs K du Toit


Deputy Headmistresses
Mrs D Schoombie
Mrs D Stoffberg





Academic Staff  
Mrs R Abraham   Mathematics
Mrs M Albertyn   History, Social Sciences
Mrs M Andrade   History, Social Sciences
Ms L Austin   Physical Education (Head of Subject)
Mrs J Barratt   Afrikaans
Ms K Berry   Life Sciences
Ms E Bezuidenhout   Visual Art
Mrs E Bloem   French (Head of Subject)
Ms B Bosua   Mathematics
Mrs E Bouwer   Mathematics, Head of Department:Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Mathematics
Mrs F Bredenkamp   Music, Creative Arts
Mrs CW Brimecombe   Accounting (Head of Subject), Business Studies (Head of Subject), Economic Management Sciences (Head of Subject)
Ms M Buchel   Accounting, Economic Management Sciences
Mrs K Buckley    Afrikaans
Mrs A Campbell-Atkins   History (Head of Subject), Social Sciences
Ms M Conway   Life Orientation 
Ms D Cooper    History, Social Sciences
Mrs J Cowan    Geography, Social Sciences, History
Mrs J Cÿrus    English
Mrs V de Bruin    Afrikaans (Head of Subject)
Ms E Dolamo   Sepedi
Ms S Dorlas   Life Sciences, Head of Department: Sport
Mrs S Dowlath   Mathematics (Head of Subject)
Mr G Dreyer   Accounting, Economic Management Sciences, Business Studies
Mrs B du Toit   German (Head of Subject), Head of Department: Culture
Mrs K du Toit   Life Sciences, Headmistress
Ms D Dugmore   English
Ms S Eaton   Visual Arts, Design, Creative Arts
Mr A Els   English
Mrs H Enslin   German
Mrs J Esterhuizen   Mathematics 
Mrs A Giliomee van der Walt   Consumer Studies, Technology
Mrs L Godfrey   Life Orientation (Head of Subject), English, Head of Department: Life Orientation
Ms M Gouws   Afrikaans
Ms T Goyns   English
Mrs J Greenberg   Design & Visual Arts (Head of Subject), Creative Arts
Ms C Greenwood   French
Mrs T Hellberg   Music, Creative Arts
Mrs V Hohls   Music (Head of Subject), Creative Arts
Mrs M Holzhäusser   Computer Applications Technology (Head of Subject), Computer Literacy (Head of Subject)
Ms A Homveld   English
Ms B Hubbard   English
Ms Y Jackson   Mathematics
Ms M Jelley   English
Ms L Kloppers   Natural Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematics
Mrs A Lamb   Geography, Social Sciences, Head of Department: Curriculum Assessment
Mrs N Le Riche   English
Ms M Lippi   French, English
Mrs E Lubie   Consumer Studies (Head of Subject), Technology
Mrs R Mackenzie   Geography, Social Sciences
M E Madiba   Sepedi, Mathematics
Ms J Mangena   Afrikaans
Mrs R Matthyse   Afrikaans 
Mrs P McCain   Business Studies
Mrs D McCusker   English, Head of Department: Languages
Mrs A Mjadu   Physical Sciences, Natural Sciences
Ms A Mulder   Life Orientation, Physical Education
Mrs NP Ntuli   Accounting, Economic Management Sciences
Mrs M Oertel   English
Mrs M Oldfield   Life Orientation
Ms M Olivier   Afrikaans
Ms L Pieters   Computer Applications Technology, Business Studies
Mrs S Pike   Afrikaans 
Mr F Pretorius   Afrikaans 
Ms A Preis   Mathematics
Ms I Rademeyer   Consumer Studies, Technology
Ms S Rahman   Mathematics 
Ms V Ramlaul   Life Sciences, Natural Sciences
Mrs M Robertson   English
Mrs E Russell   Life Sciences (Head of Subject), Natural Sciences
Mrs M Russell   Life Orientation
Ms F Rwida   Afrikaans
Mrs D Schoombie   Physical Sciences, Deputy Headmistress
Mr V Sebuthuma   Mathematics
Mrs C Shelley   English
Mrs P Skhosana   Sepedi (Head of Subject), Head of Department: Learner Teacher Support Material
Mrs R Smart   Life Sciences
Ms L Smit   Mathematics
Mr W Smit   French, German (Head of Subject)
Mrs D Stoffberg   Life Sciences, Deputy Headmistress
Ms I Turpin   Geography (Head of Subject), Social Sciences
Mrs A van der Merwe   Mathematics
Ms A van der Walt   Physical Science
Mrs L van Heerden   Technology (Head of Subject), Consumer Studies
Mrs A van Niekerk   Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Head of Department:GET Curriculum & Security
Ms E van Niekerk   Visual Arts, Creative Arts
Mrs T van Tonder   Physical Sciences (Head of Subject), Natural Sciences
Mrs N van Wyk   Creative Arts, Life Orientation
Ms C van Zyl   Physical Sciences
Ms T Webb   Mathematics
Mrs H Wright   Mathematics



Administrative and Support Staff  
Mrs C Alton   Bursar 
Mrs C Cameron   Assistant Bursar
Ms A Cowan   Assistant Academic Manager and Old Girls' Association Secretary
Mrs L Cox-du Plessis   Sports Secretary and Procurement Administrator
Mr P de Villiers    IT Manager 
Ms KL du Toit   Public Relations and Marketing
Ms M Ellis   Education Administrator (IT and Communication)
Ms M Eloff   Director of Sport
Mrs M Gemeliaris   Events Catering and Matric Dance
Mr JS Gericke   Choir Conductor
Ms P Maluleke   Receptionist
Mrs A Muller   Librarian
Mrs H Nabal   Hostel Secretary
Mrs M Oates   Shoppe
Mrs V Samouris   School Counsellor (Clinical Psychologist)
Mrs L Sanders   Assistant Bursar
Mr R Schuttenberg   Facilities Manager
Mrs S Shields   Admissions Secretary
Mr P Sindane   Copy Room Administrator
Mrs I Steyn   Laboratory Assistant
Mrs T van Tonder   Academic Manager
Mrs J Viljoen   PA to the Headmistress
Sr C Zietsman   School Nursing Sister
Ms T Zulu   Human Resources



Estate Staff
Mr M Inama   General Assistant
Mr K Kgomo   General Assistant: Driver
Mrs J Kutu   General Assistant 
Mr P Makonjane   General Assistant: Driver
Mr S Mandlazi   General Assistant
Mr F Mangwana   General Assistant
Mr W Manyala   General Assistant: Plumber and Driver
Ms J Masetlha   General Assistant
Mr P Mashiloane   General Assistant: Driver and Carpenter
Mr S Mashishi   Estate Manager
Mr W Mashishi   General Assistant: Driver and Carpenter
Mr T Mdluli   General Assistant 
Mr J Moema   General Assistant: Astro
Mr M Mojela   General Assistant 
Mr C Mokgopo   General Assistant
Mrs R Mokwena   General Assistant
Mr M Moloro   General Assistant Swimming Pool Maintenance
Mr K Molwantwoa   General Assistant: Art Centre and Painter
Ms L Nkhumane   General Assistant
Mr J Ringane   General Assistant
Mrs L Seketa   General Assistant: Laboratories
Mr S Shilenge   Assistant Estate Manager; General Assistant: Electrician and Driver
Mrs A Skhosana   General Assistant



Hostel Staff  
Ms L Malapela   General Assistant: Housekeeper
Mr C Marumo   Chef
Mrs P Mashilo   General Assistant: Housekeeper
Mrs G Mashishi   General Assistant: Housekeeper
Mr D Mokhine   Chef
Mr C Mokoena   General Assistant: Carpenter and Handyman
Ms F Molekoa   General Assistant: Kitchen Assistant
Ms R Nkadimeng   General Assistant: Kitchen Assistant
Mr D Ramasetlha   General Assistant: Kitchen Assistant
Mrs S Ries   Matron
Ms K Seswike   Matron
Ms A Streak   Matron
Ms E Tjiane   General Assistant: Laundry Assistant
Ms L Tjiane   General Assistant: Kitchen Assistant



Teacher Administrative Assistants  
Ms N Andrade    
Dr E Grobler    
Ms N Maredi    
Ms M Polo    
Ms S Rahman    
Ms C van Rooyen    



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