2018 Jersey Display

“The world howls for social justice, but when it comes to social responsibility, you sometimes can't even hear crickets chirping.” ― Dean Koontz

Congratulations to pupils and parents on a fine effort at providing jerseys for those in need. We brought in more than 1800 jerseys. The following charities will benefit from your kindness: Little Able's Sanctuary, Mohau Centre, Sparrow Ministries, Good Shepherd, Tshwane Child Welfare, Catholic Women's League and Hands of Hope Foundation.

Some classes and teachers made an exceptional effort: Grade 12 Athlone brought in a massive 253 jerseys on their own! Grade 12 McWilliam provided 162! It is interesting to note that the top three houses (Athlone, McWilliam and Clarendon) brought in more than HALF the total number of jerseys that were provided!

It is fairly obvious that Athlone is the overall winner! Well done to them and their Head of House. The house rankings are as follows: 1. Athlone, 2. Macwilliam 3. Clarendon 4. Van Zyl 5. Connaught and Duncan 7. Buxton 8. Gladstone, Aitken, Selborne

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