Pretoria High School for Girls (PHSG) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs Phillipa J. Erasmus as Principal, effective 1 August 2018. This decision caps a seven-month search process that began when Karen du Toit announced her decision to retire as Principal after 29 years of dedicated service to the school.

PHSG believes Mrs Erasmus is the best qualified and most appropriate candidate to guide our students to be the leaders of tomorrow. She will come to us from Cornwall Hill College, where she currently serves as Deputy Principal for the High School, Grade 8 - 12. During her time there, while fulfilling her position as Deputy Principal, she was also appointed Head of Boarding.

With 33 years of educational experience in both the classroom and administration, she believes the highlight of her career thus far is the transformation of Carleton Jones High School from an average community school, in an extremely conservative community, to the top ranked school in the District. It was here that she created and ran the Carleton Jones Centre of Excellence in Maths, Science and English.

Having spent many years in deputy positions learning what makes a good school into an even better school, Mrs Erasmus believes there is no better place to realise her ambition of being a Principal than at PHSG, her Alma Mater. As an Old Girl (PHSG alumna), she believes that despite the evolving world there remains a sense of tradition in being a Girls’ High girl.

Her vision for the school is twofold. The first being that each learner and staff member at PHSG feels valued for who they are and for their contribution to the greater whole of the school. The second is to achieve unity and pride while taking the school to greater heights in all spheres. PHSG is confident that she will build on the strengths of this renowned school as we, in unity, evolve into this new phase of leadership.