Inter-House Athletics

Thursday, 21 June, was one of those balmy, winter days for which the Northerners want to kill! From early on the sun beat down comfortingly on our backs, allowing us to forget the fact that it was winter solstice. Everyone was excited by the wonderful music pouring from great big speakers. Much dancing and singing and cheering and running happened.

The glorious day was fittingly won by the sunniest Houses: Van Zyl (the Athletics trophy) and Clarendon who clapped and shouted and sang their way to the Spirit trophy.

There are girls who seemed to be on the track the whole day; running every distance and jumping high and far, too! However, the stadium at Seunshoër erupted with the annual unusual races: the Boarders versus Day Girls (with North Lodge beating the other two teams); the matric very slow jog for a last, last time and then, the Matric team versus the Olympic Teacher side and the Cheesy Teacher side. To great fanfare the teams took to the field and it was clear from the outset, that the Olympic Teacher side meant business! The Matric team had to contend also with the Cheesy Teacher side which seemed to comprise of many more than the traditional four runners.

Indeed, the Olympic side delivered a momentous victory, with the Matric side just never able to catch up. It was the Cheesy Teacher side who stole the show with a race which included skipping (with and without ropes), some running forward and back, a little nap and eventually a flourishing, albeit super slow conclusion with their very own wand (in the place of a baton).

These are the days we will remember forever!