PHSG Shines at the World Choir Games

Term 2 was exceptionally busy for the PHSG Choir. They performed at the Overkruin Choir Festival, competed in the ATKV Applous Competition, worked at the PA Movie Night Fundraiser, held a Mother's Day Concert and rehearsed tirelessly for the World Choir Games – perfecting their repertoire and choreography.

During the exam period, some of our choristers took up the challenge of learning to play the marimbas in preparation for the Folklore with accompaniment category of the World Choir Games. Some tweaks were made to the choir uniform and many girls volunteered to assist with cutting, pinning and sewing the shweshwe belts for their dresses.

The Doves started the last week of their holiday by performing at the Mayoral Concert held at the Sun Arena on Sunday 8 July. During their lunchbreak on Tuesday, they went to the Olympic Village where they had the opportunity to meet choristers from all over the world. The Doves participated in the Folklore with Accompaniment category on Wednesday (held at the Aula at the University of Pretoria) and the Pop Choir Category on the Thursday (at the State Theatre).

Saturday saw the girls making their way to the NG Kerk Moreleta Park for the awards ceremony. We are so incredibly proud of these young ladies who achieved a Silver Certificate Level VIII for their Pop Choir performance and were winners of this category. They also received a Silver Certificate Level VII for Folklore with accompaniment, placing third in their category.

I am sure that it was their jubilance which carried their tired bodies up the hill from Tshwane House to the Union Buildings, singing and dancing all the way. We were fortunate enough to be able to attend the closing ceremony of the World Choir Games which the girls enjoyed immensely.