The Visiting Stars at PHSG

The Grade 8 learners were treated by the Natural Science department on 25 July. They arranged for the portable planetarium to provide 5 shows during the course of the day. The one hour "under the stars" was filled with educational facts and mind-blowing pictures.

We don't always pay attention to the different constellations in the sky. We normally see the world through Google Maps. The planetarium is a window into space. It inspires the most intriguing discoveries. It attracts our curious minds and broadens our knowledge. It teaches us that there is so much out there that we don't know about.

The young ladies who attended the show will never just look up at the night sky again. They will see it as a mystery. Their curious minds will grow thirsty for more wondrous discoveries. Maybe, just maybe, the next moon walkers will be from Pretoria High School for Girls.