In July, the First Lego League(FLL) challenge, which runs until 2019, was introduced to our two PHSG robotics teams - Orbeez and Amaranron. Their task is to find out what would improve the comfort, and enhance the abilities of, an average astronaut in space. Our young engineering teams wasted no time in brainstorming the possible issues and solutions to these tasks.

Members of each team, who chose to remain anonymous, responded in the following ways: "Personally, I feel really ecstatic for what our team will bring and I really like the concept of space. Ever since I was a child, space was my fascination," said a team member of Amaranron. After a few minutes of wondering if NASA served delicious food in space, they revealed how they were planning on tackling this mission.

"In our team we have ten members so we allocated five roles to a pair of individuals. Each pair has a research topic to investigate which are: medical care, entertainment, relaxation, eating and fitness. We believe that those would be the major factors to the issues one could deal with in space,” the member of the Amarondon team explained. They further discussed the problems they had to deal with in building the robots and with the research. “We want to design our robots in such a way that achieving the most points on the playing field will be easy," the Orbeez member explained. "We cannot afford to build a heavy contraption that will slow down our robot or break loose, nor can we afford a light contraption that will do half of the work it is expected to do. Our idea of how we could solve this challenge must be unique. Imagine presenting something that already exists and calling it yours...I would never!”

The teams want to represent South Africa at the international competition taking place earlier next year. They currently do not know where it will be held but they do hope it is not anywhere in South Africa.