Jurisprudence and the Grade 11s

It was not too sunny but not too cold on the dreadful Monday of the History Excursion - dreadful for the girls who did not take History, that is. For those who did, and were in Grade 11, the morning was kicked off with the great ditching of school, on a rebellious bus ride to the centre of Johannesburg, to visit Constitutional Hill.

The tour was captivating with the one tour guide, Mr Pius (36, with 8 languages under his belt) providing us with sensational commentary and facts about the historical landmark that was built in 1893.

The girls were especially enthralled by the Women's Gaol, Barbara Hogan's cell, the Pain and Punishment room and the dreadful Dark Hole. The symbolism in the architecture opened our eyes to what the Constitution really stands for; transparency, African justice under a tree bearing in mind the history of the past, embracing the past, present and future.