Ladies and Lyrics

On Friday, 3 August, Rhythmony hosted their 2nd Annual concert 'Roots'. A stunning production filled with dance, song and soul was presented to a lively audience. The night had a vibrant atmosphere and one of the honoured guests, Mrs Erasmus, said that the evening was, “A true celebration of talent.”

The Rhythmony girls presented a wonderful repertoire of numbers. They also graciously shared the stage with other soulful talents such as Voices of Songoma who sang songs with deep roots in African traditional music, most of which were composed by Mr Mbuso Ndlovu (Rhythmony's musical director). The stage was also graced by guest singer, Deeva, who had a voice fitting all genres. Her talent in pop, jazz and traditional music also shone vibrantly in her original song: Farelela.

Pretoria High School for Girls' marimba band also made an appearance as well as SICC's House Dance group.

The highlight of the evening, for most, was the debut performance of Rhythmony's original song 'When We Sing'. This song perfectly concluded the concert. The message of the song was: “When we sing, the rhythm of our hearts and souls are in great harmony.”

Rhythmony gave special thanks to Mr Mbuso Ndlovu at the end of the evening as he has helped them capture their feminine power in song, allowing them to express their souls and exceptional talent. He has provided them with unmatched strength. They are all deeply grateful to have him as a mentor and are extremely inspired by his passion.