Sandton FNB Art Fair

The Grade 11s were very privileged to see Mary Sibande's work first-hand!

First, there was a quick detour to the Sci-Bono Gallery to see the Lascaux Caves Exhibition. The girls were excited to use the provided pigment to create their own little works. In the 3D printed model of the caves, there was an enthralling reproduction of the specific caves, with black-outs every few minutes and neon light exposing the carvings underneath. The hyper-realistic Cro-Magnon individuals had learners marvelling at the leg hair of the waxworks!

We were ferried from there to the hype that is Sandton. Mary Sibande is known for her monumental depictions of “Sophie” in gargantuan dresses - over-flowing overalls in vivid colours. Her new directions in Virtual Reality were showcased here. As can be imagined, there were very long queues to see this, but it was worth the wait. The purple abstract figures were moving to eerie sounds. Print-making, performance art, mixed media productions, photography and extraordinary sculptures had everyone walking around open-mouthed in awe. It was truly a day well-spent.

Ms Eaton said, “Learners found out more about the history of the caves, as well as how rock art was created. At the art fair they got to see exhibitions from galleries all across the country exposing them to many new up and coming artists, as well allowing them to see new techniques in all of their various disciplines.”

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