Mole Day

On 23 October PHSG Celebrated Mole Day. A mole being the SI unit measuring the quantity of a substance, most often used in Chemistry to measure really, really small things like atoms or molecules. With the theme Moley Potter, staff and students alike dressed for the occasion. Breakfast was served at exactly 6:02 am and learners from PHSG, Boys' High and a variety of other schools gathered at the Pavilion to celebrate the day.

Fun Facts:

One mole of any substance contains 6.02x1023 molecules or atoms of that substance. A mole of Basketballs would be the same size as our planet! One mole of paper would make a stack that would reach to the moon more than 80 billion times! If there were a mole of rice grains, all the land area in the entire world would be covered with rice up to a depth of about 75 meters!