The PHSG Library is well frequented and many learners enjoy reading and use the Library to find their favourite books. We celebrated Literacy during September and Zama Nkwanyana, who had a book issued to her in Book Week, won a prize through a lucky draw.

PHSG readers were also invited to take part in a reading challenge, and they rose to the occasion! Readers all received a question from a specific subject, and they had to look up the answers in a book! The winner was Bianca Nkomo, who managed to finish the most questions during the available time.

Congratulations to the following ladies who are our Top Readers for 2018. They were rewarded for reading the most books from our Library in their grade during this year. Well done, ladies! Grade 8 - Kego Kau (57 books) Grade 9 - Sipokhazi Soga (27 books) Grade 10 - Shekinah Kaninda (18 books) Grade 11 - Skye de Bruyn (47 books)