Old Girl Advances Understanding of Lung Disease

On 18 October, the Montreal Chest Institute Foundation announced the launch of the Dr. Margaret Becklake Fellowship. This comes after the passing of one of our Old Girls, Margaret Becklake on 17 October. The fellowship will pay the salary of at least one trainee in respiratory research each year; recipients are to be chosen from low- and middle income countries and from Canadian indigenous communities.

Margaret was a star student and Head Girl at PHSG. She later attended the University of Witwatersrand to study medicine. She went on to become a professor of epidemiology and clinician who specialised in respiratory lung function.

Although best known for advancing our understanding of lung disease, her family recalls her as a person who lived by her moral compass - a fierce, earnest challenger of political and medical dogma who knew what was right, what was wrong and just what she could do to fix it.

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