Gauteng Action 24 Model Legislature

On 19 October, the South African Institute of International Affairs hosted the first ever Gauteng Action 24 Model Legislature debate, modelled to realistically resemble Provincial Parliament. This is a brand new and entirely unique concept, whereby the youth of Gauteng is given an opportunity to have their voices heard as they play a vital role in compiling a working document on governmental legislature. Not only is this a fantastic learning opportunity, but the document compiled by the cooperating delegations is actually sent to the Gauteng Government.

The theme for the day was 'Not Too Young to Lead - Merging Global Issues with Localised Issues Faced by the Youth of South Africa'. Kgaugelo Mkumbeni, Bonolo Moikanyane and Lehlogonolo Letshela were our well-spoken participants for the day, and the event was also chaired by PHSG Old Girl Joyce Bongongo.

Typically in Model UN debates we are assigned a country to represent; that was not the case this time around. Instead our young ladies represented Pretoria High School for Girls and could freely raise their own concerns, offer their own input and present their own suggestions.

It was an event unlike any other we have ever attended. With undergraduate students from UP, UJ and Wits taking part, we were ever so slightly out of our comfort zone. Things were not made better when our girls were split up into three separate commissions (Environmental Affairs, Human Settlements and Tourism) and could no longer rely on each other's support.

Though undeniably nervous and overwhelmed, they pushed through, said what they came to say and learned as much as they could from this awesome event. As the day came to a close, our ladies themselves were perhaps the most surprised of anyone in the room when, against all odds, they were awarded the prize for First Best Delegation of the day.

We are exceptionally proud of this phenomenal achievement.