PASCH Initiative

On Wednesday, 24 October, the ZfA (Zentralstelle fürs Auslandsschulwesen) celebrated the 10th anniversary of the PASCH Initiative. This initiative allows Partner Schools in Germany and many German-teaching schools across the globe to interact with each other, exchanging ideas, letters, e-mails and sometimes even learners.

PHSG, being such a Partner School, was happy to be part of the celebration. For this event, our German girls gathered in front of the school and set free approximately 100 bio-degradable balloons in the German colours (red, black and gold).

Attached to some of these balloons, were PASCH postcards. Keep an eye out wherever you go for these very valuable postcards (example on the left). Should anybody find such a postcard, you are encouraged to fill in your details and post it, as you may be the lucky winner of some cool German goodies.