Academic Success: It's Possible

As per tradition, the academic success of the Matrics of 2018 of Pretoria High School for Girls, was announced loudly and proudly in a recent school assembly. Parents and the previous year's top 10 Matriculants were invited and the Matriculants were congratulated on their stupendous results. Six of these top ten even managed to accumulate 8 distinctions each (80% or more average in every subject).

Now, to the ordinary Girls' High girl; these might seem like impossible standards with which to compete - some girls even leaving the assembly feeling “horrible” about their current marks - but HOPE IS NOT LOST!

Cara Schoombie, one of the girls to receive eight distinctions in her Matric year in 2018, provided keys to her academic success.

Cara's first tip was to pay attention in class and stay up to date with the work. The key to retaining information is understanding. It's incredibly easy to fall behind but much more difficult to catch up again.

As for studying, Cara's advice was to make study notes all year round instead of just before a big exam or test. She also advises to study incredibly hard for prelims, as if they were finals. This way, when finals come around, all you have to do is revise and work through past papers. And that's another thing: past papers should become your holy grail. Live and breathe past papers!

However, an important point that Cara made was that a healthy life is very important too. Remember to keep a balance between social life and your studies - YOU CAN HAVE BOTH! Just be sure to prioritise sometimes. Do not go to that party if you know you have three tests, two assignments and a speech due the next week.

Matric flies by fast – time is of the essence!

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