PHSG learners took part in the Western Games held from 19 – 20 January.

PHSG was placed first in Level 0 with 55 points – an excellent achievement by Camlyn Tippett on Dream Catcher and Kim Pelser on Cappucino!

Figure 8 Flags: Camlyn Tippett 5th / Kim Pelser 7th

Bi-Rangle: Camlyn Tippett 5th / Kim Pelser 7th

Hurry Scurry: Camlyn Tippett 3rd / Kim Pelser 5th

Quadrangle: Camlyn Tippett 4th / Kim Pelser 6th

Single Stake Race: Camlyn Tippett 6th / Kim Pelser 7th

Overall: Camlyn Tippett 5th / Kim Pelser 6th

Hannah Rabie rode Level 2 on LW Khassarah but could unfortunately not compete in the final two games of the day due to her horse becoming injured. She still managed to place 8th overall.

Figure 8 Flags: 2nd

Bi-Rangle: 4th

Hurry Scurry: 3rd

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