Grade 8 Camp

The 2019 Grade 8 Camp was held at the Warthog Inn, outside Brits from 7 to 8 January. The school hall was filled with excitement and anxiety when parents dropped off their daughters before the camp. It quickly became evident that the learners were the excited ones and that the parents were the anxious ones.

The aim of the camp was for learners to build relationships with each other, their form teacher and the form prefects. Learners were divided into their houses and, over the course of the camp, they developed strong bonds with some of their peers.

Learners took part in a combination of carefully crafted activities which included a challenging obstacle course, a foofy slide, traditional games and stalk the lantern. They also participated in a variety of problem solving activities that require strategizing.

Some beautiful house flags were painted and each girl was left with a sense of belonging to a family.

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