Grade 8 Seedbank Ceremony

For the second year in a row, the Grade 8s participated in the Seedbank Ceremony. The initiative was introduced by previous Headmistress, Karen du Toit, and is set to become a long-standing tradition.

Sandy Roberts, daughter of Old Girl, Margaret Roberts, spoke at a special assembly and explained the importance of looking after the environment and the purpose of seedbanks.

Grade 8s wrote themselves letters which will be returned to them after their final assembly when they Matriculate in 2023. These mementos are enclosed (for the next five years) in the bases of the benches in the Margaret Roberts Memorial Quad.

The letters are intended to show the young ladies how much they have grown in the five years. Hopefully, they will have achieved some of their glittering goals. The seeds can be planted at school or taken to far-flung places to set down roots far from Girls' High.

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