The Exciting new Tuckshop

The brand new and exciting tuckshop, @Parklane, is now open! Learners have been sampling the healthy and delicious food they have been serving since the start of the term.

Speed Point facilities have become available for learners not wanting to carry cash. Learners are now also able to obtain a tuckshop card which parents can pre-load via EFT. The initial fee to purchase the card is R20 and there is a monthly administration fee of R10.

A new system for pre-ordering food will be implemented shortly, so keep an eye on the Communicator for more details! Parents or learners will be able to order the food online and take their PHSG lunch bag to the tuckshop where their pre-ordered meal will be packed and waiting for them to collect during break.

+27 12 430 7341

949 Park Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, Gauteng


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