A very dynamic lecturer in Travel and Tourism, Ms Lavonne du Plessis, addressed the Matrics (and the rest of the school) during the final assembly the 2018 Matrics would attend.

Ms du Plessis is an Old Girl who attended PHSG more or less at the same time as Mrs Erasmus. Her message – after a VERY busy and eventful life, was to learn, and essentially, to live in the NOW. She encouraged all to celebrate attributes and at the same time acknowledge weaknesses so that life would always be a learning experience.

Finally she warned everyone to pay attention to the power of words – the way one speaks to others and to oneself. Visualise where you want to be and put the order out!

The Matrics sat on the stage facing the school, just as they had in Grade 8 when they first arrived at PHSG. As they left assembly for the very last time, there was a mix of emotions: happiness that they are so close to the finishing line and sadness that they are coming to the end of an important chapter in their lives.

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