31 Teams competed on Saturday, 13 October 2018, for the opportunity to be able to compete in the National FLL (First Lego League) competition which will be held in Johannesburg from 30 November this year.

PHSG entered 3 Robotics teams: Orbeez, Andromeda and a combined team, Hey,that's Us!, which is comprised of girls from Girls' High and boys from PBHS and Maragon College.

The competitions are platforms for learners to develop innovative thinking for complex problems. Having to start your robot practise, finalise your speeches and show gracious professionalism at 7:30 in the morning and end your day at 17:00 in the afternoon is not anyone's cup of tea, but PHSG girls never back down from a challenge.

In the morning Orbeez and Hey, That's Us! had to present their robot design, research and core values to the judges as Andromeda did robot runs.

All teams managed to win trophies for Robotics. Orbeez took the Strategy and Innovation trophy, Andromeda took Innovative Solution and Hey, That's Us! took the trophy as overall winners. The victories came as a pleasant surprise for Andromeda and Orbeez, as this was the first time they had competed in the FLL competition.

The excitement in the PHSG teams was tangible, “We really didn't think we were going to make it as Yolanda said that we were not going to be called out. I strongly agreed and a few seconds later we heard our name announced!” said Damola, an Orbeez team member.

Of the 31 teams that competed on the day, 8 were chosen to compete in Nationals at Sci-Bono, in Johannesburg. These includes Hey, That's Us! and Orbeez. Unfortunately, Andromeda fell short but they are rooting for Orbeez and Hey, That's Us! to make it to Internationals!

Everyone was ecstatic as the day ended on a happy note for all. All teams took the stage and danced until they weren't able to stand anymore. One can conclude and say that it was a day spent in the galaxy Andromeda, filled with colourful Orbeez, giggles and smiles because Hey That's Us! Always