Matric Dance, are you ready

On 4 February, the Matrics received their matric dance invitations. After a long anticipated wait about what the theme would be, many jumped for joy when it was revealed that the theme would be A Night Under Stars inspired by the well- known novel and movie The Little Prince.

“Oh my gosh, my dress totally matches the theme!” was the most common expression of the day. Whilst some were still engrossed in the excitement, others could not help but slowly feel the nerves creeping in. “ I literally have everything sorted out but I am so nervous about the night. I feel excited by it but the nerves are really bugging me, ” said Elke Du Toit.

On the other side of the spectrum, some girls could already foresee what would happen on that night. “I feel that night will be the filled with laughter, fun and harmony! This prestigious night will force us to channel our inner Queens,” says Klara Kific in 12 Gladstone. “Hopefully, I am not wrong!”

The only question remaining is, how will one turn the nervousness into complete joy? The answer is simple as Reizlan Ame, in Grade 12 Selborne, would say, “When in doubt, dance like the stars ain't watching!”

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