The Grade 8 Commencement Ceremony

On 31 January, the new Grade 8 group was welcomed to Pretoria High School for Girls. After a long wait, the new girls filed in with their Form Teachers led by Ms Dorlas and Ms Jelley (both Old Girls of the school). The girls stood proudly and sang the School Song which had been practised to perfection.

The Guest Speaker was Ms Anelich, also an Old Girl, who explained what traits she acquired here, which have aided her in her success thus far. This motivational speech was preceded by the Choir's moving rendition of a traditional Xhosa work entitled Sesivuma Sigiya Ngalengoma which lauds Nelson Mandela.

When the Grade 8s exited, they were handed their shiny new house badges. This was followed by tea, juice and shortbread cookies in the Quads.

Welcome, Grade 8s!

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