Colour Fun

Friday, 22 February was hot and vibrant on the top hockey fields where around 300 excited participants gathered armed with packets of various colours of powder paint.

A specific route needed to be followed which led the blaring masses past teams of teachers who were prepared with sacks and buckets of colourful powdered dust. As the increasingly hyper crowd became more confident, the teachers were doused in paint as well and eventually, hot, laughing youngsters were rolling in the spilled paint which then set in gaudy lines and splotches in their clothes.

This fun-filled run was followed by a braai for the parents which was enjoyed by all who attended. Thank you to the Parents' Association for putting together this colourful and joyful event, we look forward to the next one!

Many thanks to @filmMAGNIFICATION for sharing their fabulous pics with us! For more pics click here