PHSG Promotional Video Excitement

On 1 February 2019, the long anticipated promotional video of the school was shown to the staff and girls during assembly. Although the making of the video did cause some minor inconvenience, the product was definitely worthwhile. The whole assembly was graced with the beautifully compiled promotional video that changed all our perspectives of what it meant to be part of the 'Girls' High family'.

The video showcased all the phenomenal sport and cultural activities our school has to offer, some of which we weren't even aware of, such as outdoor chess and drumming. Due to the video displaying many positive aspects of the school, the video revealed that being a Girls' High Girl, is all about what you make of your time spent here.

Through watching the video, everyone learnt something new about the school and some were motivated to try something new. It was a feeling of pride and exuberance that every Girls' High Girl and teacher shared after viewing the video. To be a part of Pretoria High School for Girls is a privilege and an opportunity that one should take advantage of. This has certainly made us appreciate the true beauty of our school and we've all become patriotic members of the Girls' High family.

The *stars* of the video (Nathi Q) were joking about signing autographs during Break! Click here to view the video.

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