AVO String Quartet

On 28 February the girls from the PHSG String Ensemble and Cello Ensemble were invited to the UP Lunch Hour Concert. AVO String Quartet is a Pretoria-based string quartet. The quartet has two violins, a viola and a cello. The quartet played two string quartets: String Quartet No 3, Opus 18 by Beethoven and String Quartet No 1, Opus 11 by Tchaikovsky.

The first string quartet opens with a clear and simple melody played on the violin and is then repeated by the viola a few bars later. This sets the mood for a calm yet eventful movement to follow, filled with beautiful countermelodies and new material rhythmically and harmonically.

The second string quartet is opened by a striking rhythm and is followed by a rhythmically intricate second theme introduced by the viola. The final movement opens with a simple but sprightly theme of great energy. The viola again, introduces the second theme, which is Russian in character and very noble.