Boarder Parent Dinner

This Gala Dinner was very exciting! The Hall was transformed with colourful paper maché balloons, chic table décor and fairy lights twinkling in the windows.

The boarders danced through songs of Iconic Women which was the theme for the exciting evening. Every grade of the two boarding facilities tried to interpret the 50s, 60s and the end of the twentieth century the way they thought best – with hilarious results! Of course, a celebration also needs to be accompanied by delicious food. This year Mrs Claassen, the catering manager, served four courses of the boarders' favourites. The Grade 9s ran themselves ragged with plates of chicken, pork, beef and special puddings.

At the end of a very long evening, the parents wrapped up with an auction, which was deemed very successful. All the hard work and long hours by the many different participants contributed to a very tidy sum for the hostels.