Debating requires a great deal of training, listening, writing, listening and reading and listening. The days are very long: with the three obligatory debates running over a whole Saturday. Then you should have nerves of steel (because exposing to the opposition you're a little out of your depth could turn them into a school of Great White sharks) and you have to be able to consider the motions to the limits of credulity.

The Senior Side has managed to move to the next round of the SACEE Senior Gauteng Championships and everyone is invited to the last regional Junior Rounds, being held at PHSG on 6 April 2019.

Think that Artificial Intelligence should decide sentencing in criminal cases instead of judges and juries? Maybe? Do you believe that colonial states should be compelled to return cultural artefacts? Of course, you do! PHSG had to defend the colonial masters…

Now do it in seven minutes exactly, without repeating your previous speaker's points and be prepared to be interrupted every 15 seconds. (Adrenaline is pumping.)