The Grade 11 girls returned from Camp Discovery with bright eyes and thrilling stories. The three days delivered many highlights, but the popular impression was the frolicking in the MUD lake, which created some squeamish reactions at first, was eventually a great leveller and a HUGE amount of fun.

The girls said they saw others in a new light. Here, you share dorms, and dinner and you are required to place your trust in teammates who were at best, acquaintances, at school. The girls mentioned that to their surprise they “just clicked” with girls they had hardly encountered in the usual school day. At night, they were astounded by the Milky Way and the glittering spectacle it presented. The teachers who are “just there” at school, proved to be good sports in all the fields and became confidantes who checked on and cared for their charges.

Thanks to Ms Dorlas and her team for organising a camp made for memories!