SICC's Evening of Cultural Pride

On Friday, 5 April 2019, The Student Inter-Cultural Club (SICC) hosted an eventful evening filled with cultural dance, poetry and music.

The hall seemed like a small venue for the occasion with almost all seats being occupied by eager spectators awaiting the presentation of various cultures and entertained by the line-ups for the evening. The show was one to remember with both MCs for the evening having a great sense of humour and occasionally referring to social media trends such as the Woolworths water challenge.

Throughout the evening we were serenaded by various groups proudly showcasing our school's remarkable talent. Some performances of the evening included Rhythmony and various other angelic vocalists as well as our very own Maya Angelous who left many of us liberated and more knowledgeable about different cultures. Many of the poems addressed many controversial issues we face specifically as young women in a dysfunctional status quo.

However, the evening was not all that serious, as many parents and teachers were taken down memory lane with the early development of dance in South Africa, which included Kwaito and Gumboot dancing. We were then taken through the genre that accommodated both parents and students alike, Fusion. This showcased various skills in different genres all in one performance that left many in awe. Audience members were then exposed to international forms of dancing that included the famous K-pop, Indian, Hip-Hop and Belly-dancing. We were then brought home with dance indigenous to the Sepedi and Zulu cultures as well as House.

Whatever your cultural background and whatever genre of music you prefer, SICC provided a show that nobody would ever want to miss.

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