“Welcome to the Depression Table!”

This was the surprising but inviting quote which made many people smile. There were many girls interested in the Mental Health Awareness Week and they stopped off at the tables in the Formal Gardens on Thursday, 16 May.

There were appealing exhibits and unusual suggestions. One was directed at those intending to self-harm. A butterfly can be painted on the limb and then the name of a loved friend or family member needed to be inscribed. The idea is to imagine the person itself being “cut” by your own use of scalpel, razor or lighter, because you are going to fill any survivors with the most terrible guilt and hurt. There was also help for people with anxiety and those with eating disorders. The “depression table” had more enquiries than the other two.

There is a Mental Health Board in the tunnel between the quads and girls must feel free to avail themselves of assistance at any opportunity.

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