Annual Jersey Display

Our annual jersey display was held this month and PHSG learners donated jerseys of different sizes to help keep those less fortunate warm in the rapidly approaching cold months. For some, this jersey will be the only warm thing they own this winter. We managed to collect more than 1000 jerseys.

The following charities will benefit from your kindness: Little Able's Sanctuary, Mohau Centre, Good Shepherd, Tshwane Child Welfare, Catholic Women's League and Hands of Hope Foundation.

The Grade 10s use these jerseys to form works of art. Van Zyl was the overall winner. Well done to them and their Head of House!

The house rankings are as follows:

1. Van Zyl 2. Athlone / Gladstone 3. Aitken 4. Selborne / McWilliam / Duncan / Connaught / Buxton 5. Clarendon