By Mrs Lubie Well done to everyone who participated in the Equestrian Qualifier 3 from 18 – 19 May. This is an amazing set of results. You are true ambassadors of PHSG. EVENT: RESULTS: Madison Ferula - 80cm Equitation 11th -80cm 2 phase show jumping 23rd -80cm competition show jumping 27th Simeone Snyman: -80cm 2 phase show jumping 29th -80cm competition show jumping 24th Courtney Robbeson: -1m 2 phase show jumping 4th -1m competition show jumping 4th -90cm working hunter 3rd Emma Van Schie: -Novice freestyle dressage 1st -Novice dressage 10th -Level 5 working riding 2nd -Level 5 performance riding 1st - In hand utility 6th Megan Crabtree: -90cm 2 phase show jumping 10th -90cm competition show jumping 10th Nadia Pentz: -90cm 2 phase show jumping 2nd -90cm competition show jumping 5th Jordan Venter: -Prix Capprilli A 1st -Prix Capprilli B 2nd -Preliminary Dressage A 3rd -Preliminary Dressage B 14th -Level 1 performance riding 9th -Level 3 Working riding 6th