Jozi Land Art Event

Sundays are not days of rest for artists. Pretoria High School for Girls' Matric Visual Arts girls took part in the annual Jozi Land Art Event at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, orchestrated by Site Specific, in order to create art that does not harm the environment and will degrade with time as part of the artwork.

The Matric Visual Arts girls, accompanied by Mrs de Bruyn, Mrs van Niekerk and Mrs Greenberg, created an artwork in tribute to bees.

This artwork was created to increase awareness about bees being integral to the well-being of man. Many people in Johannesburg have taken to bee-keeping. This has led to hives closing in on each other; creating competition among the bees and the overpopulation of bees in specific areas, leading to more bees dying.

The artwork was made purely from biodegradable substances and substances that will improve the environment in the long run, such as different coloured sucrose that would serve as food for the bees; ash which is a proven natural pesticide against the ticks and fleas for animals, and salt and charcoal. The artwork was a huge success and was photographed by journalists. The girls were also exposed to incredible artists such as Annie Le Roux.

Later they enjoyed the delightful tunes of a local youth Marimba band whilst enjoying the lovely scenery of the Emmarentia Dam and the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens