M5's New Look!

Culture is an integral part of life at PHSG and so is development. There have been several requests to revamp M5, which is a room in the Music Centre that is used for ballet, orchestra, ensembles and the percussion students. Finally, their requests were recognised and a fundraising event was held to help the Parents' Association (PA) fund its refurbishment.

Ms Homveld was the teacher liaison of the PA and assisted with the organising of the development. Mrs Schoombie is the Deputy Principal of Operations which includes the Gardens and Grounds and she oversaw the progress of the project.

An interview was conducted to gain greater insight into the inner workings of the project. The renovations improved the acoustics and appearance as well as made it more versatile so that ballet may be practised and music recitals will be a pleasure for the audiences.

Staff and girls are well pleased!