A once in a lifetime trip: La vie en France

A few of the Grade 11 learners had the amazing opportunity to travel abroad to one of the most famous destinations in the world: France. The twelve-day trip was packed with numerous activities and shopping, shopping, shopping…

We spent the first four glorious days in the “City of lights”. Our learners were more than keen to see sights they had only seen in a textbook prior to the trip. One of the highlights for most was a visit of the Tour Eiffel by night, where they took in the breath-taking view of Paris from the second floor of the tower. The second day got our young ladies practicing their French while either visiting L'Arc de Triomphe or shopping on the Champs-Elysees in small groups, as they rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous. We then visited the Louvre museum, of which not only the more artistic learners, but all gained an appreciation of the iconic paintings and sculptures in the world-famous glass museum. The Mona Lisa was certainly the one painting all were keen to see.

The second leg of the trip saw us in Antibes, in the South of France. Mornings were reserved for classes on campus, of which most appreciated learning in a multi-cultural environment together with students from all over the world.

Nothamsanqa Stephens says, “The friendships made and joyful atmosphere experienced while learning a language we love was beyond anything I could put into words. We learnt the culture of France through the people of Antibes, and improved our speaking immensely through the classes we attended each morning.”

Caitlyn Reddy adds, “The skills learnt and the memories made were eye-opening, and will never be taken for granted.” The visits to Nice, Cannes, Grasse and Monaco were no less impressive, allowing our young ladies to explore further and dream while improving their communication and survival skills. The exposure under controlled conditions certainly opened the eyes of many to the advantages of learning a foreign language and the possibility to compete on a global platform.