t is always sad that there is not enough time for everyone to see the matrics' exhibition down at the Art Centre! This year was an especially poignant showcase. The girls dealt with very real and personal situations and the learners who did manage to make it there between breaks, were moved.

Phili Mamela portrayed a Missing Person poster in the open air and one could see the posters fading in the sunlight. She was trying to point out how quickly people forget something potentially very tragic. What an original way to present what we all secretly know! With her Ballot Papers, Lavanya Van Wyk forced the viewers to make decisions – sometimes with very interesting results. Both Mfusi Sonti and Najmah Kamedien dealt colourfully and forcefully with the pervasive rape 'culture' and their very individual situations. Tinashe Kupakuwana created a barrier of red wool which had various objects seemingly caught in the web. Her illustrated book at the foot of the work, explained her motivation for the most fascinating and touching creation.

Talking to the artists was a real privilege and it was a pity not all the artists were available for discussion, but it was a normal school day… It was truly worth the long trip down to the Art Centre!