Keanu Reeves Acknowledges Innovative Old Girl

PHSG is exceptionally proud of Old Girl and former Headgirl, Terry Annecke. Terry took the unique South African technology of carbon fibre to world markets when they were only a relatively new material.

Hollywood movie star, Keanu Reeves, rides his self-built motorbikes in the latest John Wick film series, using these carbon fibre wheels made for him by Joburg-based BlackStone Tek (BST), founded by Terry and her business partner Gary Turner. Terry started BST in the spare room of their home and today their carbon fibre wheels are exported all over the world including the US and Japan. According to Terry, BST was the first company in the world to manufacture such wheels in a “repeatable and handmade industrialised process”.

Terry, PHSG wishes you all the success in your business and we hope that this will be an inspiration to all our young PHSG ladies. For more on this story, click here.