A Mole In Assembly

On 8 August, Jacaranda FM appeared at PHSG for a Women's Day celebration. They were here from very early and many girls were on hand to greet them. PHSG was able to show off live, on air with the String Ensemble performing One Direction's 'Drag Me Down' as Jacaranda listeners called in to guess the song.

Our very own Braniac (who had to be 13 years or younger to qualify), Abby-Lee Steyn, keet her cool and made us proud while she faced the fire of questions.

That morning was also out of the ordinary as Martin Bester 'hijacked' the assembly. The girls were given a special treat by Matthew Mole, a popular South African singer, who performed 'Run' and 'Take Yours, I'll Take Mine'. Learners recorded the performances and even used their phone torches as he presented his final song.

It was an assembly PHSG would never forget!

Two lucky learners had the privilege of interviewing Matthew Mole on-air – Buhle Mgwena and Kayla Stroud were star struck behind the scenes but once they were live it seemed as if they were born for radio.

Philicity Reeken declared our tuckshop “the best in the country” and was so impressed with the PHSG uniform that she scored us an A for fashion.