Spreading the Love

The question on everybody's lips is who are the PHSG Love Vandals? Some have speculated it is the peer counsellors, others have said a group of friends or a specific class – maybe it is all of them...

“Love Vandals” is the nickname which has been fondly given to a group of learners who brightened everybody's day with their colourful sticky post-it notes. They posted motivational and uplifting messages on the lockers of every single girl in the school. They did this very quietly on a Tuesday afternoon after school. Wednesday morning learners were delighted to compare notes when they got to school.

Many questions abound. Was this the act of a single vandal or several learners acting together? Judging by the beautifully handwritten and well thought out notes, the latter is probably true.

Later in the week, little flowers made of serviettes were seen decorating the railings at the hall an scattered throughout the school. Some desks had little motivational notes stuck to them for the next group of learners to read.

Thank you to the Love Vandals for reminding us that we are a sisterhood and that someone always has our back. We wonder if they will strike again when we are least expecting it...

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