The Road Not Taken

'Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.'

By Robert Frost

12 August was the day all Gr 9s were dreading. That was the day that would determine their fate for the next three years of high school. To assist in their time of need we, the journalists of PHSG, have taken it upon ourselves to assemble knowledge to aid in the decision. We have spoken to Mrs van Tonder (the mastermind behind schedules/timetables) about suggestions to enable pupils to make sound choices: One cannot switch from Mathematical Literacy to Pure Mathematics, but one can change from Pure Mathematics to Mathematical Literacy. Through the years Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and History have been the famous three amongst the senior grades, but as the years have progressed many have preferred to abandon them in search of more personally suitable options. It is vital to make one's selection according to one's own preferences and abilities rather than the inclinations of one's friends and family. And if one does not heed this selfless advice, one can also change subjects twice in Gr 10, another two times in the beginning of Gr 11 and once again at the end of Gr 11. If one realises one has made an unwise decision, then one has one last chance to escape from its venomous clutches in Matric if one submits a letter to the Department of Education with a valid reason. Don't forget - one mustn't downscale one's goals; one must upscale one's actions.