Maths Olympiad

The third and final round of the South African Mathematics Olympiad (SAMO) was held on Thursday, 25 July, at a few central venues around the country. The top 100 juniors (Gr 8-9) and the top 100 seniors (Gr 10-12) in the country were selected from those who wrote the second round of SAMO.

Emily Hawkes (Gr 9) was selected to participate in the third round at Pretoria Boys High School. The junior paper consisted of 15 Olympiad-level mathematical questions, while the senior paper consisted of 6 even more challenging problems that kept the learners busy for four hours (and leave them wishing for more time!) SAMO provided an ideal opportunity for learners to test their mathematical abilities and to challenge themselves to improve their skills. We are very proud of our very own genius for bringing home a bronze award

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