Enough is Enough

Gender-based violence is spiralling out of control. Stories appear on the news almost every single day and people are horrified by these tragic stories. On Friday 6 September, Pretoria High School for Girls and many other schools, as well as people from all across South Africa, wore black clothing to school and work in support of the anti-gender-based violence campaign.

We asked a few learners and teachers why they were wearing black. Majority said that this was their way of standing together and showing their support against the horrific crimes that are committed every day in this country.

During first break students gathered in front of the main building and started a peaceful protest. The ladies prepared signs and sang songs until the end of recess. Some of the posters bore the trending hashtag “#AmINext?” while others had inspirational messages like “An injury to one is an injury to all”. The school also provided purple and black ribbons for staff and learners to wear for the day. The day was a show of support to all who have suffered and those who are still suffering due to gender-based violence. In the words of Abhijit Naskar, “Love has no gender - compassion has no religion - character has no race.”