Social Media Safety

On Friday morning, 13 September, Sarah Hoffman from Emma Sadleir's law firm, The Digital Law Company, gave a very factual and interesting talk to all pupils and teachers about social media safety. Those that attended learnt that “digital data is dangerous.” Under South African law, once you have posted something it becomes public knowledge, even on WhatsApp. If you are tagged to a photo that may be deemed as discriminatory or malicious, you are legally equally as responsible as those that created, shared or liked it. Sarah told everyone to pretend that their digital content was akin to a big billboard - what one doesn't want people to see on this board (like inappropriate texts and images) should not be posted. We were told to think of the 6 Ps – Police, Parents, Principal, Paedophiles/Preditors, Prospective University/Employer, Phishers. She encouraged the audience to send and post things that would be appropriate to be placed on a billboard and elaborated on the importance of good content on one's accounts as this can affect one at a later stage when it comes to getting a job and applying to university. Her information and statistics really stuck with many and will be beneficial both now and in the long run.

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