Welcome Mrs Mogale!

Mrs Mogale is Pretoria High School for Girls' newly- appointed Deputy Principal of Extra and Co-Curricular and Student Leadership. She taught English and Technology at Bryanston High School and now balances her days between teaching English and her duties as Deputy Principal.

Did you always know you wanted to teach English?

“No, my undergrad is a law degree. I loved English in high school. I loved my languages in high school. I studied law at Wits and then took a break from law in 2012. The idea of education is a calling because it called me to come and teach and I never left.”

How do you plan on incorporating the theme 'Inside Out' into leadership and extra and co-curricular activities?

“We are going to start with the Values Program. It is a value per grade. Each of the values focuses on how you look inside out. It is also about self-development and mentorship. Through your extracurricular activities and leadership, you can see yourself as not just being an individual but as part of the school community as well.”

Special message for the girls.

“It is about self-belief. High school is the best and the worst time of your life. It is the best time to do anything you thought was impossible even though it is not improbable. It is the worst time because you are always under pressure and constantly under stress.

You can do anything, be anything, and try anything. Never forget to at least try something. One thing!”

Are there any changes that you are implementing?

“There are no changes. I am going to be focusing a lot on the RCL. I want to build a stronger RCL. I think that is the most important thing. Edith Aitken's idea was to build strong, independent women. The voice can be very strong but it can be an empty vessel: It makes a lot of noise but the message actually does not get through. My aim, at the moment, is to build strong voices within the leadership structures that currently exist.

When you are in an all-girls school, the competition becomes very different. You are competing against yourself and others. You need to be heard but, how you are heard is the most important thing.”

Is it a big change for you coming from a co-ed school to an all-girls school?

“Yes, it is. I am used to boys 'chirping' in the back. I am used to calling them 'gents'. I'm used to the girls being shy in the first two weeks, especially grade 8s. I'm used to the drama of boys. So, it's going to be different. I went to an all-girls school, taught at a co-ed school and now I am back.”

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