Old Girls Association

In the words of Headmistress Ms Eileen Nelson: “PHSG girls, with their gifts and talents, are part of that golden thread which holds together the fabric of our land.”

The Old Girls Association (OGA) arose as a tribute to Headmistress Ms Edith Aitken. In 1907 she called on the first group of Matriculant school-leavers to establish a small committee, which would enable future school-leavers to maintain an enduring relationship with their former school. She explained how “the past, the present and the future of the school could be welded together into a timeless entity” and so the PHSG Old Girls’ Association came into being.



The OGA would like to encourage all old girls to donate money to a fund that will be used to assist needy girls at the school.


Bank: First National Bank

Account name: PHSG Old Girls’ Association

Account number: 5515 005 7914

Branch: Hatfield

Branch code: 252145

Swift code (International): FIRNZAJJ926



The PHSG OGA is proud to announce the launch of their new online database, AlumNet! All members with valid email addresses should have received a welcome mail and we encourage you to follow the prompts to register. This new database will make it easier for old girls to keep in touch with the happenings at the school and with our old girl community. Should you not have received a mail or have any problems/queries, please feel free to contact us at oldgirls@phsg.org.za.


Announcement regarding the 2021 Reunion:


As the impact of the worldwide pandemic continues to affect us all, the PHSG OGA Committee has decided to cancel the 2021 Reunion. This decision was not made easily, but we felt it would be in the best interest for all our Old Girls.


We will arrange to have a large Reunion as soon as the pandemic, realistically, allows. Details will be communicated as soon as possible in this regard.


We hope that the classes of 2020 and 2021 will keep in touch and encourage them to have get-togethers via the various social media platforms available. Should you wish to have such a reunion, please send the details of times and dates to us (oldgirls@phsg.org.za) and we will happily communicate it with your peers. Please also make use of the Alumnet platform to communicate the details.


Please send us pictures etc of these reunions for us to post on our Facebook page!

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