Tutor Programme


The Peer Tutoring programme allows learners to get help from their peers with specific subjects. The tutors must apply to be part of the tutoring programme and receive training. Learners apply for a tutor and will then meet up with their tutor as discussed.


The Peer Tutoring programme is yet another way that PHSG ensures academic excellence and is a platform for learners to improve their marks. It is an invaluable experience for the tutors and gives them a slight taste of what the teaching profession is about.



The House Tutoring programme is a specialised form of the tutoring programme. It is designed for learners who have failed or are at risk of failing the year. The house tutees will be assigned to a tutor, who will then help them with all their subjects and provide guidance to them. It is a more intensive form of tutoring and enables the learners to make the improvements needed to pass the year.



The Peer Counselling programme is a safe place for learners to be heard. It is open for all and encourages learners to seek help when they need it. The peer counsellors must apply as a counsellor and are required to write an essay as to why they would be a good fit as a peer counsellor. They are then interviewed and given training.


Peer counselling sessions are confidential. It is a place where girls can learn coping techniques and get an objective point of view on their situations.

Pretoria High School for Girls Learners