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Parents' Association

The PHSG Parents’ Association (PA) provides parents with a platform to engage in the Girls’ High community and to build on more than a century's worth of history and tradition. We are a group of committed, enthusiastic parents who consider it a privilege to be part of this highly esteemed institution and to raise funds on its behalf.


Our fundraising hinges on a single, spectacular event, our annual Spring Fair. Parents may contribute their time, talents and skills here, throughout the year or on the day. It is truly rewarding to see what a group of dedicated parents, through their collective effort, can achieve in a single day. This money is used directly for projects of a capital nature and, in the past, has funded a new audio-visual system for the school hall and gym, school vehicles and floodlights for our Astro.


Each generation of girls benefits from the fundraising efforts of those who came before them, and we feel enriched by this sense of community and continuity, as well as by the knowledge that our efforts enhance our daughters’ education.


There are several other activities where the PA plays an important role. We provide “soft security” at the annual Grade 11 Valentine’s Ball. At the Matric Dance, we offer a TLC service as well as assist with security on the night. Every second year we host a Mother-and-Daughter Tea to raise funds for a designated charity. We invite you to volunteer for these events and to show your daughters the true value of participation. Be an inspiration and a role model.


Join the PHSG PA and you’ll be signing up for a year of huge fun, great fellowship and the certainty that you are passionate about your daughter’s education and want the very best for her.


Contribute to the PA’s fundraising drive by linking PHSG as a beneficiary to your Makro and MySchool cards. Simply swipe to give back to PHSG and your daughter. Don’t have these cards? Click here to apply for your Makro and MySchool cards.



If you would like to be a part of this dynamic team, fill out the form below and someone will be in contact with you.

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